Parashat Nasso "Maqam SABA"

The Synagogue is Open Following Special Guidelines and Protocols.

They can be viewed online at or picked up in paper form at the lobby.

Ereb Shabbat - Friday, June 5, 2020


Shir Ha'Shirim

6:10 pm


6:25 pm

EARLIEST Candle Lighting Time

6:45 pm

REGULAR Candle Lighting Time

7:52 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat / Arbit

6:45 pm

Lock the Gate

7:45 pm

Recite Shema at Home


8:50 pm

Shabbat - Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ness Minyan, Korbanot (1 hour before sunrise)

5:25 am

Earliest Talet

5:41 am

Amidah by Sunrise

6:29 am

Main Minyan (One Minyan Only - HODU)

8:45 am

Recite Shema


9:17 am

Shabbat Afternoon

Minha at the Synagogue

2:00 pm

Seudah Shelisheet at Home ( Start Seudah w/Bread)


8:10 pm

Sheki'ah / Sunset

8:10 pm

Arbit at the Synagogue

8:30 pm

End of Shabbat / Habdalah

8:52 pm

Rabbenu Tam

9:23 pm


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