Parashat Korah - Maqam -"NAHWAND"

For men praying in the Early Minyan, it is appropriate for the wife to light the Shabbat candles before reciting the Kiddush

at home OR at the regular candle lighting time - WHICHEVER IS EARLIER. Do not light before the earliest time.

Ereb Shabbat - Friday, July 1, 2022

Early Minyan

Reg Minyan

Hazzan David Tsaliah

Hazzan Yonathan Hen

Shir Ha'Shirim

6:25 pm

7:35 pm


6:40 pm

7:50 pm

Candle Lighting (For early candle times please see note above)

Earliest 7:16 pm

7:56 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat - Arbit

7:00 pm

8:10 pm

Lock the Gate

8:10 pm

Recite Shema Again after

8:56 pm

8:56 pm

Shabbat - Saturday, July 2, 2022

Netz Minyan, Korbanot (1 hour before sunrise)

Braka Sanctuary

5:30 am

Earliest Talet

5:46 am

Amidah by Sunrise

6:33 am

Main Minyan (HODU)

Braka Sanctuary

8:30 am

Teens Minyan

Khafif Midrash

9:00 am

Father & Son Minyan (Ages 6-11)

Guindi Midrash

9:00 am

Morah Orly's Girls Program (Ages 9 & up)


8:45 am

Younger Girls Program (Ages 5-8)

Breakfast Room

9:00 am

Recite Shema Before

9:22 am

Kiddush Sponsored by

Ezequiel Ioffe , L"N His Father, Faivel ben Yehezkel, A"H

Shabbat Afternoon

Rabbi's Gemara Class


5:45 pm

Daf Yomi Class


6:30 pm

Rabbi's Class

Braka Sanctuary

6:30 pm

Women's Class in Spanish

Khafif Midrash

6:30 pm

Father & Son Program

Guindi Midrash

6:45 pm


7:15 pm

Seudah Shelisheet Co-Sponsored by

Ezequiel Ioffe L"N His Father, Faivel ben Yehezkel A"H

& By Jose Safdie L"N His Father, Obadiah ben Bahie A"H

Class After Seudah Shelisheet by Rabbi Meir Eliahu in the Main Sanctuary


8:38 pm

End of Shabbat / Habdalah

8:56 pm

Rabbenu Tam

9:29 pm

Shabbat Shalom!

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